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Wanderlust Africa: White Pearl Resort Mozambique

By Stephanie Pollard



When it comes to travel, nowhere has been legendized like the continent of Africa. Gorgeous landscapes, exotic wildlife, and promises of an unforgettable experience echo throughout countless travel media – often with undertones of ‘the way things were. Fortunately in 2018, luxury tourism has taken on a fresh, modern approach to elegance, and White Pearl Resorts is ready to welcome travelers who’ve managed to escape steel-grey November afternoons. Located in Mozambique’s Lagoon Coast (about 80 km south of the capital city Maputo),

White Pearl Resorts offers 22 luxury suites designed to keep the lagoon’s natural ecosystems in balance – while offering full views of the Indian Ocean, a private plunge pool, deck, and outdoor shower. The luxury resort also offers more than one way to relax, whether that’s lounging poolside on a daybed, enjoying a variety of cocktails with tapas at the beach bar, or taking a quiet morning with a cup of coffee in the lounge and reading room, guests’ needs are catered to in mind, body and spirit.

For the adventure lover(s) in the group, ocean and land safaris, snorkeling, horseback riding, and guided walking tours are a few of the activities that touch the surface of the eco-variety found in Mozambique. And for the amenity enthusiasts? White Pearl Resorts provides a spa, beach picnics, star/moon gazing, and shoreline fishing. Everyone can check out the culture and philanthropy activities, which include the Save Our Seas (SOS) Walk, and local drumming performance.

Much as White Pearl Resorts sets the standard for luxury resort travel in Africa, flexible  soon-to-be guests can visit the Special Packages page on the official website, and find new opportunities to relax, and save. For more information, go to www.whitepearlresorts.com.


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