Brand Spotlight: Imagine Being Art

Updated: Feb 7

“The clothes can also make the man. Each piece has its own story which narrates the story of the one who is wearing it .” Ibrahima Diop

Ibrahima Diop is the founder and creative director of the brand Imagine Being Art , also known as IBA . He is not only a young senegalese entrepreneur but also an hyper-realistic artist and a voice-over actor.

Launched in 2018, the tradi-modern brand Imagine Being Art offers high-quality clothes with designs inspired from the pure african tradition and universal culture. The outstanding identity of this brand lies in the particular history of each product and the original designation given to each item. His first fall-winter collection 2020/21 "MEDITATIVE ESCAPE" uses woven fabric in all the designs and is fundamentally anchored in nature’s colors. "LAAW-LA-CAT", a wolof term magnifies the Beauty and evokes the marvellous sunset.

"LIGHTWORKER" radiates the grey light of a rainy sky and "BEEÑ" rhymes with fine white sand by the sea.

Despite their undeniable quality, the price of the different clothes varies between $200 and $250. IMAGINE BEING ART is based in Dakar ,the capital city of Sénégal where Ibrahima Diop works with a local labour in order to contribute in a way to the economic development of his country and Africa.

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SÉNÉGAL + 221338604298 Dakar 12500 FRANCE +330666341795 Toulon 83000 ÉTATS-UNIS +1-202-914-9798 Washington D.C. 20007

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