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Brand Spotlight : Gugu Intimates

The word “Gugu” refers to an object of desire - a jewel, a treasure, worthy of honour, preserved.

via @guguintimates on Instagram

Before Skims, there was Gugu Intimates, Africa’s first skin-coloured underwear range, established in 2017. I completely agree with the founder, Gugu Nkanbide when she says “It’s hard to imagine that until now, skin-coloured underwear for brown skinned girls has not been a thing – with all the shades and tones of melanin-rich goddesses walking this African continent.”

via @guguintimates on Instagram

Gugu is very intentional in also asserting that her brand, the Gugu Intimates brand is a brand for US, brown skinned girls – beautiful in every shade. Her sole mission is therefore to adorn brown skinned girls in beautiful, premium quality underwear that complements your skin tone no matter what shade you are. Her pieces come in 5 flesh toned colours (Elewa, Amara, Buhle, Zuri and Runako) to end the struggle for chocolate girls to find underwear in their skin tone.

And it just keeps getting better and better, because you are able to shop all the gorgeous pieces directly on the website because they ship worldwide.

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