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Lean with it, Lock with it

African protective hair styling is a subject that stays at the front of our minds. Not only has it kept our hair ends tucked away from harsh elements, but the historical and cultural roots it has (pun-intended), run deep and far.

In our modern-day life, African and black People of Colour in the West have been reclaiming both traditional braids to modern and vibrant takes on plaits and twists. Thus, further normalizing their presence and aesthetic in everyday life.

As an act of resistance, as an art form and a method of helping keep hair healthy, protective styling permeates political, social and artistic barriers.

Scroll through for some major style inspiration.

Long braids:

These long plaits captured by Bruno Gomes are giving us major length goals.

Remember the modern twist we were talking about? Pictured here, Kuukua Foriwaa rocks them here in her ombre black to green long ponytail braids.

Passion twists:

Youtuber, Singer, Model and Actress, Symphani Soto serving us major vacay vibes in this relaxed and curly passion twists.

Stitch braids:

Worn here by model Adut Akech Bior, straight back cornrows remain a timeless classic protective style, that is both sleek and elegant, and frames the face beautifully.

Fulani braids:

Cornrows in the front, and singles in the back. Beads also entered the party. We love both the neatness of these Fulani-style braids and the uniqueness of Youtuber and MUA, Alissa Ashley’s beads.