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 • Beauty  • Ghana’s Ghandour Cosmetics Has Launched Africa’s First Luxury Fragrance

Ghana’s Ghandour Cosmetics Has Launched Africa’s First Luxury Fragrance

Ghandour Cosmetics Ltd., a leading manufacturer of beauty products in West Africa has launched ‘The Scent of Africa’, Africa’s first luxury fragrance. The fragrance and its celebrity brand ambassadors were unveiled at an exclusive event in Accra, Ghana.


The Scent of Africa Fragrance



The Scent of Africa fragrance which was conceptualized in Ghana and produced in France, was released first to high end West African retailers and was to be followed by other countries in Africa, Europe and North America. A representative from Ghandor states “This new product is very different from anything we have produced before at Ghandour. We wanted to introduce to the world a product that is truly reflective of the richness and splendour of Africa. Everything from the packaging to the branding and advertising of this product will disrupt notions of what it means to be an African brand,” said Tanal Ghandour, the Founder and Managing Director of Ghandour Cosmetics which has been based in Ghana for over 20 years with operations also in 14 African countries.

Fragrance notes:

The fragrance in its two variations gives off notes of coconut, citrus, musk and cocoa, expressing the true essence of Africa and her gifts. The ideal packaging, an ornate map of Africa in gold for woman and silver for man, majestically holds the essences.


The Scent of Africa brand was created to celebrate the most iconic of all continents. It is a beacon of a new future, its heart beats with excitement and honour. Scent of Africa celebrates success. This inspired the creation for the ideal packaging to house the distilled essence The packaging that is AFRICA.