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Aso Ebi Politics

image via @chiomagoodhair 

Aso Ebi is a Yoruba word, which translates to ‘family cloth’. Traditionally, the chosen cloth (usually lace, wax print or hand-woven fabric) is distributed and worn within families to show backing and participation during social occasions like weddings and funerals.

Throughout the years, the uniform expanded beyond the core family to well-wishers who wear the Aso Ebi cloth as a visual declaration of their support.

In true African fashion, politics are involved in selecting an Aso Ebi squad. The competition starts with who is offered a particular Aso Ebi colour combination. Some colours symbolize a closer tie to the family others represent social status.

Rivalry aside, the tradition of Aso Ebi is a beautiful ritual that allows Africans to display their cultural contributions to fashion.