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7 Ways to bring the colour back into your home

By Nini Kunu

A full home renovation is unrealistic for most of us, as we do not have the time to fully commit to such a huge project or the funds to splurge on a new coach, much less on hiring a professional interior decorator, but don’t worry, we have got you covered. With a few, minimally invasive changes, you could totally transform your space and fall in love with it all over again. Without further ado, read here for our seven, editor-approved ways to spice and spruce up your space without breaking the bank.

Brightly-coloured cushions but make it fashion

Throwing a few brightly-coloured cushions around, is literally one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to bring a little warmth to your space. Some of our personal favourites are the minimalist ones made by London-based, Nigerian designer, Eva Sonaike. Yes people, there is absolutely a way to bring the colour but still maintain a minimalist vibe. Think bold stripes, lines, strokes and texture, and less tassels, bells and whistles. Go for cushions with bold strokes and clear lines, and play around with different sizes and shapes for a beautiful contrast.

Plants and Vases

Nothing makes a louder statement or draws people’s attention than a few larger-than-life plants strategically placed around the space. It is important to not get distracted and focus on the one or two plants, especially in smaller spaces, because there is a very fine line between tropical paradise and botanical dungeon. Instead of trying to fit as many plants in your space is possible, hang a few, smaller plants on the walls to maximize the space. Paired with the perfect vase, plants are a super affordable and often, necessary addition to your space.

Buy Local Art

A colourful piece of art placed in a central room in your space not only adds aesthetic value, but is also the perfect opportunity to introduce a new colour palette to your space without making any major changes like painting a wall.

Rugs and Blankets

Do not underestimate the seemingly minor details in your space, making the slightest changes can have a massive impact. Keeping in mind that elements like the sofa have to be kept neutral for longevity, brightly patterned rugs and blankets are the best way to increase the cozy factor and add texture  to your space. We like Aranda’s Victoria England ones, inspired by the Basotho people, and worn by Daniel Kaluuya’s character, W’Kabi, in Black Panther.

Move things around

This may be the cheapest one yet, turns out you might already have everything you need. Change the position of the sofa, or get rid of those books you know you are never going to read, hoarder! Releasing the old, creates space for the new, or just creates space, period. Maybe the massive desk smack in the middle of your living room can be pushed against a wall or into a different room with a bit more space.

Lighting/Natural light

Maybe your “tiny” apartment is not as tiny as you think. Maybe it just needs to be better lit. This could mean anything from moving the sofa away from the primary source of natural light, to swapping out your old, raggedy, IKEA lamp for a few fairy lights placed in certain areas.

Accents and Accessories

Frames, mirrors, wood, rafia, gold, silver, copper, jet black… obviously not all at once. The first thing to do and actually, the thing to keep doing, would be to review the theme you are going for and then decide what accents and accessories best complement that theme. Metallic accents on mirror frames and other elements are a subtle way to infuse some colour into a minimalist space. If your space is a little more cozy; rafia, wood, leather and other earthy tones make for great additions.


Remember to breathe because it will get quite frustrating, but it is totally worth it in the end. Good things take time, so be patient and realize that you idea of the “perfect” space will evolve, and decorating a space that feels completely like you is a journey, not a destination.